How To Play HD Games In Micromax phones

Every Android user wants to play HD games in their Android Phones. It is not possible if the phone has low RAM and outdated processor( single core processor) . Most of the entry level Android phones can’t handle high end games. Micromax, Karbonn, Celkon and so on comes under this category. Today I will teach you how to play HD games in Micromax Phones or any low end Android Phone.

Chainfire 3D and Swapit Expander both this apps play a crucial role to make your Android phone gamer friendly. As I already introduced Swapit Expander, lets emphasize more on Chainfire 3D. Chainfire 3D has wide range of options and helps you to play HD games. Chainfire 3D requires root access and it is supported upto Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Follow These Steps To Play HD games In Micromax Phones

  • Download Chainfire 3D from Google Play which is free of cost
  • Download Chainfire 3D Plugins( Nvidia, Qualcomm, PowerVR) from Google search
  • Go to ‘Install plugin/shaders’ option, from there you should install plugins

wpid Chainfire3D How To Play HD Games In Micromax phones

  • Now go to ‘Default OpenGL settings’ and enable all the options. ‘Tick’ on Reduce texture quality, Reduce texture size, Disable RGBA emu and Disable Mapbuffer emu

wpid chainfire3Dplugins How To Play HD Games In Micromax phones

  • Go to ‘Load Plugin’, there will be 3 options Nvidia, Qualcomm and PowerVR. I will suggest you to enable Nvidia

Read this article to know how to use Swapit expander as both apps are neccessory for high end gaming.After this process is completed you will observe change in texture and image quality. This happens because of chainfire 3D. Disable OpenGL settings when you are not playing games.

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That’s all ! Just follow above steps and enjoy high end gaming in your Android Phone. If you like this article please share it and help your friends to aware about this post. If you have any doubts please comment in below box.

  1. Abhishek

    Really it worked for me ! fantastic post. I,m using Micromax bolt A35 playing HD games

  2. Naveen

    It works with all micromax phones including Canvas series

  3. Kuldeep

    That’s a nice guide Naveen.
    I’ll try this on my device.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Naveen

    Thanks for dropping comment kuldeep. keep visiting

  5. Babanature

    Hello Naveen,
    This is indeed a nice and well detailed post you crafted out here. And the fact that you provided a screen shot, makes it even more exciting.
    It will be alot easier for people using these kind of phone when they read this.
    Thanks for the post and do have a great week ahead….

  6. Naveen

    Thanks Baba for your valuable comment

  7. bhupender

    I would visit ur site more if U even post for windows I am using a windows os mobile I.e Nokia lumia 610..:D.. Ur website.. awesome..

  8. Naveen

    Yes Bhupender, I will definitely post articles on windows as well

  9. vivek

    thanks bro. it really works.

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